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"Been feelin' shit bro" is not grounds for summary dismissal!

Feelin' Shit Bro Construction

I'm continuing a focus on articles about businesses not following proper processes, and copping it as a result, when if they'd followed the right process then there would not have been an issue.

Summary dismissal shouldn't be your first formal process immediately after an informal process hasn't achieved your hoped-for results.

It's easy to let processes slip when there are 1001 things to do, but boy-oh-boy can it be costly! Sometimes an external set of eyes will do the trick, or you just need a confidential conversation to 'talk out' some things you are worried about.

Smart Company's Emma Koehn, has found a number of issues over the course of October, November, and December last year. So It's worth sharing those with you all. Head over and have a read, I'd love to know what you think.


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