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Ben's mental health blog series part 1

Reading digital articles, I almost never read the paper!

When I am sick with an infection, or pain, or other physical symptoms, then I go to my GP. My doctor assesses my ails and prescribes the correct treatment, or investigates further.

When by back and muscles hurt, I got to my chiropractor, or physio, or massage therapist. They normally give me some stretches, or exercises to do at home to ensure healing and an effective recovery.

So when I struggle to keep errant anxiety in check, or feel like keeping on top of things is impossible, or I start feeling down in the dumps, then I talk with a counselor. Just the talking is incredibly healthy, but they will give me exercises and tools to use which are as effective as antibiotics, or putting ice on a sprain.

I see no difference between these three scenarios, their importance, and effectiveness for my health and wellbeing. It is my commitment to support healthy attitudes and approaches to mental health in the workplace.

Smart Company's Leanne Faulkner writes a personal insight into why it's important to seek support for your mental health quickly, just like other forms of medical treatment.

I am not a medical professional, but I will listen to you if you need someone to talk with. Get in touch as you need.


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