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December and January tips for survival

"How to win the holiday battle" is about looking after your business throughout December and January and focuses on six key areas to help you do this. Number five is 'recharge the batteries' and this one really needs a 5a, 5b, and 5c.

5a. Reflect on the year that you had, compare goals/targets with actuals, celebrate the wins you had and draw out positives that you can expand on in the next year

5b. Breath, and eat. Too often busy means skipping meals. It's a TERRIBLE idea to do this for all sorts of reasons. If you forget, set a calendar reminder, or delegate a reminder to a member of your team. I've pushed one or two bosses into the food court over the years.

5c. Talk things out with people - BeyondBlue, Lifeline, etc... all have great free services to help you just talk things out and clear the air for the year ahead, and perhaps give you some tools to keep things in check or de-stress.

Andrew Spring's final words are those of wisdom,

"Businesses who have concerns about managing the requirements of the holiday period should seek professional help as soon as possible. Options do exist and it’s important to explore them. Put simply, it’s important to speak with your advisers – accountants, legal representatives or an insolvency specialist – before it’s too late."


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