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Violence towards Children - I'm going to keep bothering you about this!

I've already gone on about this October and the fact that I’m taking part in the Polished Man Campaign; painting one of my nails to represent the one child that dies every five minutes as a result of violence.

I thought I'd share some material from the past couple of years

And where last year's funding went.

The kids that die due to violence don't even get the 'chance' to grow up and get breast cancer, prostate cancer, or deal with suicide... and any of the myriad of other causes we get behind.

To me, helping protect kids from violence and abuse, particularly that caused by adults, seems to be closer to the 'source'. Almost as though this is where we should be starting, and working back from here.

Photo by Simon Ankor Photography

The money raised goes towards trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs run by a number of charities including YGAP, World Vision, Hagar International, The New York Centre for Children and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

I’m asking you to donate as much as you can. Below is the link to my fundraising page Thank you for your support!


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