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Grill’d tops quick service satisfaction ratings

Reading digital articles, I almost never read the paper!

Roy Morgan’s Quick Service Restaurants Satisfaction report is out and Grill'd topped the results with a 90.7% satisfaction rating.

Smart Company's Martin Kovacs gives us the skinny on this report and breaks down all the stats.

Personally I have always gotten great service from Grill'd, they support local and international charities, and the fact that they got behind the #polishedman campaign really drives it home for me. I've gotten behind the polished man campaign myself for the last three years, with mixed success. This year's campaign is faring much better.

This year I've been proud to be eating at Norwood, Marion, and Rundle St, and hearing the teams talking with and engaging with customers about the campaign.

On top of that, if you donate $30+ they're giving away free burgers!

"Hey Ben, Your mates are getting FREE Grill’d burgers. If anyone donates $30+ to your fundraising page they will get a FREE Grill’d burger every day for the next 5 days. Today you can be the Oprah of burgers and the hero of Friday lunch...

That’s a win for your fundraising and a MASSIVE win for your mates. Just tell them to donate $30+, head in store with their Grill’d barcode and polish up at the counter! It’s literally that simple."


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