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We want to understand you, get to know you, and get to the guts of how we can support you to achieve your goals.


What are your hopes and dreams? What are your plans you have for your business?  What are your plans for yourself and your family? Why are you in business? 

Makepeace Consulting's goal is simply to give small business owners more time.  They can then do whatever they like with it; spend time with family, friends, cash-generating, or relaxing.  Time is the single most valuable resource for a small business owner.

Makepeace Consulting focuses on SME, family, franchised, and start-up businesses.  In these relationships it's all about getting to know each client well, and allowing the client to get to know us.  In business you have to be able to trust your suppliers, colleagues, and service providers, but that takes time and genuine interaction backed by quality professional performance.  

We have the courage to be honest, to seek clarity if we feel any confusion, to have humility in difficult situations, and always maintain the highest standard of professional integrity. We will communicate consistently with you, do so using clear language, and we will be open with you about our processes and our insight.

By doing all these things, and understanding that excellent business relationships take time, we back ourselves to build that trust with you and your business having earned it through hard work and demonstrated value.

You can hear from some of our clients here, learn more about Ben Makepeace here, and read about our community involvement here.

  • General HR

  • Marketing & Social Media

  • Merchandising

  • Branding

  • Change Management

  • Startup Business Mentoring

  • Setting Goals

  • Training and Development

  • Time Management

  • ​Cash-flow Forecasting and Business Planning

  • Developing Policy and Procedures

  • Analysing Business Efficiency

  • Outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Task Prioritisation

  • Reviewing Operational Processes

  • Updating Business Systems

  • Project Development, Management, and Implementation

  • Hiring and Recruitment

  • Public Speaking & Presenting

Take a look below at some of the areas where we can best employ our knowledge and experience when working with you and your business

CFE Certified Franchise Executive

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