Ben's mental health blog series part 2

I recently saw a presentation from BeyondBlue, and followed that up with a meeting on organising workshops for the small business community in Adelaide. This presentation and discussion centred around a study on small business and mental health, and the findings should not be ignored or downplayed. 25% of people will deal with Anxiety. 17% of people will deal with Depression. 8 people die daily from Suicide. These are broad population stats. BeyondBlue launched Heads Up specifically for small business... check it out. Mark Aiston hosts a segment on Radio Adelaide specifically aimed at discussing mental health in small business. I admire him because he's been so up-front about his journe

Ben's mental health blog series part 1

When I am sick with an infection, or pain, or other physical symptoms, then I go to my GP. My doctor assesses my ails and prescribes the correct treatment, or investigates further. When by back and muscles hurt, I got to my chiropractor, or physio, or massage therapist. They normally give me some stretches, or exercises to do at home to ensure healing and an effective recovery. So when I struggle to keep errant anxiety in check, or feel like keeping on top of things is impossible, or I start feeling down in the dumps, then I talk with a counselor. Just the talking is incredibly healthy, but they will give me exercises and tools to use which are as effective as antibiotics, or putting ice

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