"When you do things right, people won't realise you've done anything at all."

We're not about credits and accolades, or fame and fortune. We're here to help your business succeed in making the world a better place.  Whichever path that takes, and in whatever form that mission manifests.

Ben Makepeace
Ben Makepeace, CFE

Ben is blunt, forthright, and passionate. What he likes most in life is to facilitate change, growth and help people get things done. 

Ben has many years experience in corporate business, large and small businesses, family and franchised business, across retail, service, and professional industries.  


During this time he has served as a general consultant, operations manager, department manager, social media adviser, merchandiser, training facilitator, mentor, coach, sales and customer data analyst, financial consultant, and worn a great many more hats than even that!  Head to the services page to check out what he can do for you.

Getting to know you is important to Ben, and so it is only fair that you get to know a little about him.  Hover over each image below to learn a little more. Click here to read Ben's blog of relevant articles for small business that have caught his eye to share with you.

CFE Certified Franchise Executive

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